Social Security touches about 185 million Americans; nearly 60 million place 75 million phone calls; 24 million actually walk-in. Approximately 50 million get benefits, and some 10 million receive them due to disability, while 3 million annually apply because of being disabled, yet 60% fail to get them. They just did it the wrong way.

And, sadly for them, most didn’t know. Still, many deserved benefits. This includes those who never had an idea their physical disability can actually cause an emotional problem. In fact, a mental disorder might trigger physical conditions. Depression tops all. Anxiety and worry come next. These combinations, both physical and mental, often make many more people eligible for federal benefits through SSDI and SSI, as two governmental entitlement programs.

Children might qualify for cash payments all of their own: ADHD, bad behavior, learning disabilities, etc.


Obtain a copy of Unmasking The Mystery Of Mental Illness For Social Security — a “tutor-in-a-book”— and none like it anywhere in the U.S. A former consultative psychologist. Reports. Medical evidence. Proof. Do’s and don’ts! Find out all and succeed the first time instead of face rejection.

A licensed expert, Dr. Napoleon N. Vaughn—a clinician, as well as a psychotherapist and an educator, evaluated adults and children for one of the 54 nationwide Social Security Disability Determination Services (DDS) and wrote reports as medical evidence regarding individuals who applied for benefits because of mental disability. This led to his founding Mental Disability Psychologists, now a national service of experienced and credentialed psychologists.

Failure of Social Security to give enough regard to the sufferers of mental disability in its stubby handbook or online version demands Dr. Vaughn’s tome keep the federal agency’s feet to the fire. He wants all disabled people to have a right for real information in pursuit of what the U.S. government, through our law makers, promises in the Act. To be removed, also, is the stigma of shame attached to mental illness for 44.3 million in America—victims of life’s foibles to stand up without guilt. In the wings await 76 million baby boomers.

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