An authoritative, right-in-your-face guide and reference, Unmasking The Mystery Of Mental Illness For Social Security tackles both mental illness and Social Security, sorting through its disability programs of 10 million people at an annual cost of $90 billion clouded by confusion and inconsistency and growing. In fact, America has over 125 million sufferers of debilitating, chronic illnesses, and 40% hang on 12 months or more.

With a doctorate in education, while a practicing psychologist, Dr. Napoleon N. Vaughn’s epic book encompasses over a decade of his work as a psychological consultant for one of the nation’s 54 Disability Determination Services (DDS) under the Social Security Administration (SSA). Hundreds of claimants came to Dr. Vaughn for evaluation and, in addition to them, he has led countless self-referred individuals by the hand in teaching them to actually acquire disability benefits. Some included children as young as age three. And among elderly African Americans 66% would end up in poverty if it were not for Social Security.

Crisply and comprehensibly written, Unmasking The Mystery Of Mental Illness For Social Security bridges attorneys’ legalese and psychologists’ jargon, painstakingly decoding both, as a compatible marriage for potential beneficiaries, their advocates, and others. Dr. Vaughn tells how to drive a stake in bad applications for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits. Although routinely qualified, up to 69% of disabled people are rejected because of poor packaging. One of the book’s big public service advantages is helping them learn to succeed the first time. Thus, help is on the way.

Between these pages, 13 fat chapters in five parts generously excerpt Social Security rules. They are demystified, together with work of consultative psychologists, in determining mental disability. Part 1 is devoted to the world of work, retirement, disabled people, and Social Security’s history, backed by that 300-pound gorilla, the Internet. In-depth, Part 2 discusses mental impairments, those hot engines behind keys to the system. They couple consultative examinations, medical evidence, and decision-making for disability. Also, head-on challenges scrutinize the ins and outs of unfavorable SSA rulings. That includes do’s and don’ts of appeals. The chapters of Part 3 deal with the role of psychological consultants, their tools of the trade, mental tests and mainstays of psychological evaluations, as medical evidence. Part 4 depicts case histories and presentations. Lastly, Part 5 covers the waterfront, an insightful panoramic view: baby boomers, demographics, AIDS here and Africa, tobacco smoke, drug babies, falls, the Trust Fund. Simply put, it’s terribly unique.

Three out of every ten young men entering the labor force will die or become severely disabled before time of official retirement. Sadly, many have no idea how or if they qualify under provisions of a mental condition and, consequently, botch their application for Social Security benefits. Mental illness remains the second most frequent disability in America. And among millions with severe mental impairments, depression looms as the “common cold” for those whose personal demons daily haunt them. While unable to do work, an individual must still prove the disability lasts or is expected to last at least a year or results in death. Rather than automatic, this cardinal rule dictates what many people call incredibly tough. But the agency cannot give away the store.

Not to be ignored is Unmasking The Mystery Of Mental Illness For Social Security use by nearly all in speaking to everybody: workers, applicants, dependents, doctors, attorneys, social workers, advocates, and, among others, psychologists. As for the latter, it’s an instruction manual for becoming psychological consultants. Further, a need exists for society to improve its negative attitude toward mentally ill people.

In conclusion, Dr. Vaughn helps those who life takes to places they had not wanted to go, but must deal with the hand dealt them, and their true journey lingers deeply within. Grab a bunch of psychic rewards. Enjoy!





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