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This interview concerns Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and necessary steps to get benefits because of a mental disability.

Unmasking The Mystery Of Mental Illness For Social Security, as a masterful self-help book, is purposely set here in the form of an interview for letting people know about it–especially those who can no longer work or may have never worked, and, consequently, improve their chances of receiving monthly cash payments and other benefits from Social Security due to proven mental impairment.

As discussed, the heady process is compounded by legalese, medical and psychological jargon. Add SSDI’s and SSI’s own complex rules and regulations based upon the federal government’s Social Security Act. Although an entitled safety net, many people still think the programs exclude them and wrongly consider provisions only for retirement They just don’t know. So, the case for mental impairments and disabilities eludes them–and children on their own rights.

Before signing off and while I have you on the horn, this is as good a time to mention the national network of Mental Disability Psychologists (MdP), providers of medical proof in written reports–background, diagnosis, prognosis–for individuals, adults and children, in need of evidentiary support. MdP’s administer psychological tests for validation of signs and symptoms, especially for applicants and claimants.

“I have long seen the need for a self-help publication about the work we do as psychologists for disabled claimants,” he insists. “This eventually led not only to Unmasking The Mystery Of Mental Illness For Social Security, but to consider the possibility of a national organization of mental disability psychologists.” Some 185 million people are protected by Social Security’s various programs. Few actually get disability, however. And, of those who apply for benefits, many deservedly need help in going about it the right way. This makes Dr. Vaughn an advocate for them.

Urban Market Developers (UMD), the publisher, delights in having produced such a well anticipated tome of over 1,000 researched and jam-packed pages, which feature the brain child of Dr. Vaughn and his welcome exposé of the mystery behind acquiring, through the Social Security Administration, benefits due to a disability in the agency’s Listing of Mental Impairments. And, it gives me pleasure to have him talk at length about the topic. Please stay tuned. Thank you.

From here in Philadelphia, the 5th largest city in America and the cradle of our nation, just off the University of Pennsylvania, Dr. Napoleon N. Vaughn, a psychologist, while a Senior Fellow in the Pennsylvania Psychological Association, shares more than 30 years of professional experience doing hundreds of applicants’ evaluations, adults and children, for Social Security. He is also a Senior Disability Analyst.

This penetrating interview provides a quick picture of the psychologist and two of the Social Security Administration’s programs. The subject is brought down front with hands on how-to information –somewhat like a tour guide through the mazes of SSDI and SSI. Sales from Unmasking The Mystery of Mental Illness For Social Security allow giving free or reduced at cost services to some applicants.

Valeria V. Berry

Vice President, UMD

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