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Our Mission

Mission Statement: A national network, Mental Disability Psychologists provide medical proof—background, diagnosis, prognosis—for children and adults who need evidentiary support. MdP’s administer mental tests, conduct clinical interviews, and render written reports for validation of signs and symptoms, especially for Social Security applicants and claimants. As credentialed psychologists, these specialists maintain and respect and honor the diversity of all in a climate of privacy.

MdPs as an entity owes its birth to Unmasking The Mystery Of Mental Illness For Social Security, a preeminent authority and resource. Essentially a premier book–professional, informative, and educational–it embraces mental illness and uncovers Social Security’s secrets. This tell-all exposer represents the work of an educator-clinician-psychologist, Dr. Napoleon N. Vaughn.

Basic to Unmasking The Mystery Of Mental Illness For Social Security, hundreds of children, adolescents, and adults were evaluated for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) by Dr. Vaughn. They included many examined individuals for mental deficiency, organic brain damage, or depression as well as various disorders indicative of psychopathology. These comprised just a select few of numerous others. The combination, often both mental and physical, presented itself among adults and children who might have become disabled. Former preemies–one weighing 1.5 pounds during birth at 23 weeks and later developmental delay–along with many mentally challenged children juxtaposed suffering adults. Most had a vast array of emotional problems from “garden variety” neurosis and anxiety to debilitating psychosis.

Not Receiving Enough Respect


Something is rotten. Amazingly, the 2001 14th edition of the Social Security Handbook, billed as “Your Basic Guide to the Social Security Programs,” an official mouthpiece of the Social Security Administration in over 700 stubby pages, not once mentioned mental illness as a disability. In fact, its chapter about evaluating disability only covered a mere 11 pages. Its later online version did much worse. This only emphasized physical ills. Because of intentionally slashed and gutted, such exclusion makes imperative Dr. Vaughn’s book for opening doors. It flushes out and unmasks the case for mental disability, which is little known but needed by many for Social Security benefits: SSDI and SSI. For entitlements, people are entitled to them. And they may reap cash payments months after months after months.

Get What’s Rightly Yours


Unmasking The Mystery Of Mental Illness For Social Security empowers people. It reverses the failure rate, that is, upwards of 60 percent of the “disabled” people who apply for Social Security might not acquire anything. And eligible for SSI are aggressive, conduct disorder, or learning disabled children. They and their parents deserve benefits yet unwittingly go about it the wrong way. The ultimate aim is showing all how to get what’s entitled to them! Tragically, about three out of every ten young men entering the labor force in America will die or become severely disabled before time for official retirement, yet they could get an equivalent $233,000 disability insurance policy – in a monthly check each and every month for themselves and dependents. But countless adults and children sadly lose out. So, learn how to fight back even when Social Security uses its full power, battling applicants all the way up to the Supreme Court. Pretty amazing!


Become fully aware of just due; find out how to reap benefits; learn strategies for making situations better. So, take steps to avoid traps and tricks in a stressful topsy turvy world. We have an answer; we are using it.

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