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Suffering little children led the Social Security Administration (SSA) to offer Supplemental Security Income (SSI). Their parents and caregivers need not have worked–just possessions of limited value, when they on behalf of disabled children apply for benefits due to disability somewhat like Social Security’s provisions in its program of mental impairment, as required for Social Security Disability Income (SSDI).

Rather than a quick fixer-upper, SSI offers monetary hope for kids who come to the agency with horrendous pain, awful anguish, and deep hurt in life’s journey. Unmasking The Mystery Of Mental Illness For Social Security, one of America’s prolific references, tells it like it is regarding youngsters’ acquiring benefits for a debilitating plight. In fact, one out of every 10 children here in the U.S. suffers from some kind of mental illness. And this book by a psychologist explains how, as a right, not to be rejected in the time of real need.

• Leon with ADHD turned 5 about 7 months ago, and his 35-year-old single mother of five has her hands full with his acting out: yelling, hitting, crying. “He (father) beat you up,” the boy spoke through delayed speech, since having witnessed him physically and orally abuse her, before incarceration in a Delaware County prison for pornography and having sex with a girl, 12. Social Security field office guards put totally uncontrollable Leon in the broom closet to prevent him from hurting himself.

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• In 1996, a hit and run car knocked Tonya up in the air. She landed on the beret holding her pony tail and penetrated her skull. That affected equilibrium, vision, mental state, and personality. Gone was the sweet 10-year-old who three years later became pregnant with the birth of a son, the father of whom had just reached age 15. Now in a special education class seizures continue plaguing her.

• An Eagle Scout, honor student, and regular attendee at Sunday School and church made all wonder about missing clues for what caused 16-year-old Bob to take his own life. Dad had walked in and shockingly found his son hanging from the rafters, the chair kicked over, then the suffocating end.

• Still age 4, Carl’s suspected ADHD, according to 26-year-old mother, stems from mimicking his year older brother now in a residential treatment setting, on Ritalin, near Pittsburgh. Both mom and son receive counseling at Women Organized Against Rape. She notices that as he gets older and stronger his negative behavior becomes worse–even fighting her, while regressing to wetting on himself. “I want to play,” he exclaims, while disturbing any and everything within sight.

• Mental retardation seemed almost evident before Elaine had reached her first birthday. This came from the fact that eyes rolled in her head, sitting up by herself proved troublesome, and few goo-goo sounds came out. The question concerns developmental delay or what have you. Perhaps, too, her condition had something to do with genes. Both parents are known to have critically low intelligence.

• After Ed in the daycare center hid from others, he would surface shaking, while flinging his hands up and down and moving fingers like they were going through imaginary water. Hardly anybody had any idea what the 3-year-old toddler was doing or said. Rather than words, he would grunt and on occasion yell chilling outbursts like a wild animal. This often occurred during crawling on all fours. Nobody understood him; he did not understand them. Many toddlers laughed in unison.

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